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 Simply Saffron


Wellness treatments, Yoga, Retreats and delicious cuisine...

Our yoga classes are broadcast on ZOOM - so you can join us from anywhere in the world.

Private classes are also offered.

please contact us on e-mail or by phone to find out more


10 Church Street

Prince Albert

Hermon Coleman  Ridwaan Lockhart

023 5411 040

071 932 8382 or  082 873 9985


Simply Saffron is a family business operating from our home that includes Wellness therapies (yoga, holistic massage, reflexology, mono-chord sessions and reiki) and food (a catering service for groups of 16 or more, offering creative locally sourced food tending towards plant based cuisine. Cooking days on request).

We offer retreats facilitated by local and international teachers, one of which is in its sixth year.           

See below for retreat offerings

Long and short courses in massage, reiki and reflexology also form part of our offerings. 










Yoga:   Forrest, Yin or Kundalini on ZOOM in one hour classes. 

Afternoon classes sometimes require props, details are supplied.            

Monday 17:00

Wednesday 07:30

Wednesday 17:00

Friday 07:30

Friday 16:30





Treatments – Open by appointment 7 days a week

Read about Hermon's qualifications here 

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Lie on the monochord table, let go, relax, as you experience its powerful soothing and calming effects.

This multi-stringed instrument is simple yet produces a beautiful sound, an echo of the Cosmos.

The strumming on its multiple strings create a wave of sound from the deep fundamental string to the many thin blank, higher strings. When strummed in a straight line at certain intervals of the strings, overtones are clearly produced.

The vibration of all the strings at the same place simultaneously, has the effect of amplifying the harmonics, pure overtones that usually remain undetected by the ear become clearly audible.

Complete relaxation.

Contact Hermon and Ridwaan to find out more!

023 5411 040   or   071 932 8382   or   082 873 9985


Hermon has recently started to offer sessions with the RIFE Micro-pulse Wellness Stimulator.  This resonance therapy is based on the work of Dr Royal Raymend Rife, who did extensive research into the health benefits of the bio-resonance field. 

Hour long sessions in this complementary therapy, which harnesses vibration to assist in wellbeing and healing, are offered at Simply Saffron.  

Please contact Hermon to find out more about the therapy and how it might be of benefit to you. 

082 873 9985 or e-mail:


Retreats and Workshops

Watch this space for Yoga and other retreats in the tranquility of the Karoo 



Simply Saffron Retreats 


Come and be still - join us for a a wide range of Retreats and Workshops at Simply Saffron.


Yoga, silence, meditation, movement, creative expression, training and delicious vegetarian lunches.


Time in the studio, the garden and our creative space. 


Dates are posted here.


Contact Hermon and Ridwaan to find out more


023 5411 040   or   071 932 8382   or   082 873 9985








We cater for private functions of 16 or more guests, offering creative locally sourced food, tending towards plant based cuisine.

Cooking days on request 










Contact Hermon and Ridwaan to find out more


023 5411 040   or   071 932 8382   or   082 873 9985




We held an MST Workshop during 2021

Simply Saffron was proud to host Miemie Bosman and Izak Van Der Merwe early in 2021 for a workshop to manage  anxiety and stress and this was step one for those wanting to become a fully certified MST facilitator. The technique introduced is called MST (move, shake and tap) wherein simple techniques are imparted for home use to shake off stress and anxiety. For those wishing to become MST facilitators there are 2 further workshops leading to full certification.

We have been very privileged to have experienced workshops with both Miemie and Izak who have this innate ability to break everything down to its bare essentials creating no room for confusion or misunderstanding.

For a full profile of Miemie Bosman and Izak Van Der Merwe please go to .

                                                                                                 Module 1

MST Moving Shaking Tapping for personal growth weekend  

Module 2  and  Module 3 

Full Certification received after module 3

For further information visit




Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training

Hosted by Sandra Heider and Simply Saffron.  2 x 12 day intensives plus on-line course component

The Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training encompasses 2 x 12 days intensives and teacher training and an additional online Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers course. It is a comprehensive program for aspiring teachers, experienced teachers or yoga students who want to work deeper within themselves. This teacher training meets the 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Program requirements and is the foundation starting point for new teachers and the first step to becoming a Forrest Yoga Certified Teacher.


Contact Hermon and Ridwaan to find out more


023 5411 040   or   071 932 8382   or   082 873 9985


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